Meet the Team

We have a fully trained, dedicated passionate team of Outreach rapid response and support workers with a wide variety of skills, talents and qualifications, each having their own story as to why they chose to work with Include ‘In’ Autism.

The founder and CEO of the organisation is Marie Jevon. Marie holds a Level 7 National Professional Qualification in Management and HND in Leadership & Management of Social Care. Marie has accumulated over 32 years’ experience of working in a variety of Social Care settings with Autism and behaviours of concern being her speciality. Marie is a hard working passionate and dedicated person who goes above and beyond anyone’s expectations to ensure that everyone who accesses Include ‘In’ Autisms services has a positive outcome and achieves their personal goals.

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers all have a direct impact on the lives of children, young people and adults who are autistic. From supporting, activities, fundraising and marketing staff, to CEO and management, everyone shares in the vision and values of the organisation and work together with people who are autistic and their families, every day, to empower people who are autistic and launch lives.

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