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Include ‘in’ Autism provide transitional support to those moving though children’s to adults services.

We provide a robust transitional plan with an action plan that has a positive outcome for the individual. We also provide individual positive proactive support to each individual who requires additional support for their behaviour management.

Include ‘In’ Autism is an early intervention and crisis prevention service and we provides a ‘Crisis Planning’ for those that may require additional support. We provide a ‘wraparound’ service to those that may struggle with anxiety, mental health or other complex needs to help people who are autistic work towards independence.

We also provide a short breaks service. Our short breaks are designed for people who are autistic or with a learning/physical disability and their families, to give them a change from their daily routine and to give parents and carers a break from the demands of their role. We provide families with the resources, techniques and interventions necessary to help the children and young people to reach their desired independence goals by working together.

Short breaks are incredibly important – caring, even for someone you love, can be an exhausting experience, which can leave you little time for yourself or other members of your family. A good short break should be regular, reliable and frequent. It should also be flexible enough to fit in with your family’s needs, and accessible in case of an emergency.

Include ‘in’ Autism provides a ‘Safe space’ for those requiring intensive support in order to prevent any crisis moments. We do this by providing a calm, informal and relaxed environment in order to get the best out of the person to increase trust and confidence with them. Through this environment it will also increase learning skills for the person who requires additional support and by providing educational, therapeutic and recreational activities for people in the North East of England and beyond.

Empowering parents, carers, advocates and the people themselves by exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and knowledge whilst promoting inclusion, awareness and above all ‘Acceptance’.

We improve the quality of lives through inclusion and lessening any feeling of social isolation. We always have the people at the heart of the service by operating with integrity, and strive for the highest quality of support through delivering a fair, respectful, transparent and honest culture.

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To get in touch, please contact us by the following:
Telephone: 0191 580 5279
Email: information@includeinautism.org.uk

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Plains Farm Community Centre
Tudor Grove
Tyne and Wear

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